Friday, 9 November 2012

Week beginning Monday 5th October 2012

 This week we did lots of climbing at the park. We had a great time!
Mrs Willerton sets us little challenges to do at home in our home-school diary. This week we had to find lots of writing at home. Mrs Willerton gave us a special sticker.

After our weekend we like to write about what we have done in our news books. We get to stand on the red spot and show the rest of the class. We clap each other to say well done, sometimes it's a marshmallow clap! It makes us feel proud. If we think it's good and we've tried hard we put it in the happy green box.

We started to write some of our numbers in glitter and playdough!

10 in a bed singing and taking away.
 We have to be patient and take it in turns, we can't always have what we want straight away!

Mr Casey the caretaker left us with this huge box, we started a game. We tried really hard to ping the counters into the box. It's making our fingers stronger for writing.

Using elastic bands to launch some rockets.

 There's even more leaves on the ground now! They are very crunchy.
We had so much fun.
We are getting very good at helping each other.

Sharing our half term news in our home-school diary.

We are learning our sounds now. Some of the boys prefer to do their writing outside.

Oh no! We dropped the paint, but it's ok, we can tidy it up. We've got an old camcorder and there's lot's of firework painting to be filmed.

Counting down and exploding like fireworks! Look at all the shapes we can make!

A man came to talk to us about being safe when we playing on our computers at home. He taught us a fantastic song.

 One of the boys in our class had a cars poster. We pointed to the one we liked best. The next day Mrs Willerton showed us how to do a tally chart. We visited other classrooms and asked the children "Which is your favourite?" It's one stick for one person!
We noticed that it's getting dark in the afternoon now. Mrs Willerton showed us some pictures of Diwali, the Hindu festival of light. Some of the girls paint their hands, I'm doing my own Mendhi pattern.

Making Diva lamps out of clay.

"Do you like my Pizza?"
Hmmm, perhaps next week we might learn about different foods and make some pizzas! Don't forget about light and dark Mrs Willerton, that's what we want to learn about next.


  1. wow reception I love your blog its amazing you have been having a lot of fun by the looks of things:)!

  2. Thanks Ellie, it's great to know you are looking at our blog. Let your class know that we update it every Friday!
    Mrs Willerton