Tuesday, 21 May 2013

What's been going on in May?

Rolling up tin foil using our writing hand turned into us setting up a football pitch. We had to think about what we needed to use to draw straight lines and how many straws we needed. Later in the game Mrs Willerton put some football music on the interactive whiteboard and we made some score cards.
We have been learning about our environment so we went on a trip to our local church. When we got back we made some beautiful stained glass window art. We've put them up in the main entrance for everyone to see.

We were so quiet that Mrs Willerton let us have an explore of the church. Look how old the church is! Its walls are crumbling!

We have noticed that we have a cherry blossom tree. Some of decided to collect it. Lets make some perfume! Mix, mix, mix!

We are getting quite good at climbing and using our initiative if we can't quite reach something!

We have been working as a team to make dens. Mrs Skinner ran out of ideas so we had to think for ourselves. It was very windy so we had to try lots of different ways to get it to stay up.

 One of our class has been awarded his white belt at kickboxing. Mrs Willerton likes us to talk about what we do when we aren't at school. He showed us how to do some moves, but we have to remember that we don't hurt anyone. Later on we made a stage for a show outside. We showed the rest of the class what to do. We listened carefully to each other!

We have noticed we have some weeds growing in our digging area. We have been learning about how they may have got there. We tried hard to dig the roots up else they will grow back again! 

Friday, 19 April 2013

Easter and the week beginning 15th April

How does this game work?hmmmm.....

Making Easter baskets out of modelling rock.

A lady from the NSPCC came to do some exercise with us.  

We enjoy bringing books in from home for others to enjoy.

We made a hire car shop outside. Mrs Willerton only helped us a little bit. We had great fun, especially because the sun was shining! You had to pay 5p to hire the ride on for 10 minutes. We used some sand timers. We made some number cards so each vehicle had a parking space. We played this for over and hour! It's nice to have a longer time to play in the afternoon, it means we can develop our ideas.

After school Mrs Willerton and Mrs Skinner invited parents in for an afternoon tea. All the money we raised goes towards further developing our outdoor area.

We have been doing some observational drawings. Mrs Willerton wanted us to look closely at the detail. This picture is beautiful!
We made these at home! We joined up with Year One and did a parade around the playground. We stood up in front of everyone and explained how we had made them. We got a prize!

This week it has been very windy indeed! Look how the leaves fall.
"I know which way the wind is blowing."

We have been climbing some trees this week. We can't go very high and we only do it when the teacher is near us. Look how much strength we have! If we can't reach we use our thinking and get some wood.  

Oh no! Someone forgot to put their shoes on to come outside. We worked as a team to make a path back for him! Mrs Willerton was impressed with our maths skills!

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Week beginning 11th March 2013

We have been painting the Funnybones street. We looked carefully at the colours in the book. We got out our own resources, Mrs Willerton didn't help at all! We even packed it all away. Mrs Skinner has made a display in the corridor. It looks outstanding!

We have been making ships outside. It looks like a rectangle!

It was Red Nose Day! Some of us came to school wearing something funny for money! We did a fashion show to see what we were wearing! We put One Direction on very loud!

We talked about why we were raising money. This is Ronika and she needs lots of things in her house. We realised how lucky we all are. 

We made some pictures of things to put in Ronikas house.

We made some red nose cakes to sell in our cake shop! They looked fantastic and tasted delicious!

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Week beginning 4th March 2013

This week we got some new games. This one beeps when the tweezers touch the metal. We enjoyed finding out how it works.

We made some pots for Mother's Day. We put a primrose plant in them and took them home. We also made a beautiful handbag card for our mummys.

The NSPCC lady came to do some dancing with us. We raised some money to make more children happy.

We have been doing some observational drawings this week. Some of our drawings were very detailed.  It doesn't feel like Spring outside just yet!

We do some baking every Friday morning. We sell them at our cake shop at break time. The money we raise goes towards buying new toys for our classroom.


Friday, 1 March 2013

Weeks beginning 11th and 25th February 2013

Digging together! We can get changed independently. That means we can do it on our own without any help.

Making our very own skylander costumes.

Something smells of coffee in here!

We made some pancakes and had some races. We kept a tally to check who came first the most times.

We have been interested in mazes. Look at our collection of gigantic pine cones. If we found a dead end we just had to keep trying to solve the problem!

Some of us know all our numbers to 20 now. We've been learning about two digit numbers. We play splat the number just before lunchtime everyday. This is our hundred square.

Working together to make chocolate milkshake (in the mud!) We need to add lots of water.

Making skylander biscuits for our cake shop on Friday.

Look at our fantastic new tents! It has been very sunny this week!