Friday, 30 November 2012

Week beginning 26th November

Last week some of the boys were playing power rangers. Amazingly over the weekend the superheroes were spotted in the village, so on Monday we went for a walk to try and find them.
On our way way back to school we found some material from their cape that got stuck on our fence when they flew over.
We were so excited we told Mrs Bedford and Mrs Guy all about it. We had to take it in turns to talk.
When we got back inside we realised that there wasn't enough cape material for everyone. One of our class was really clever and said we could cut it up into pieces and share it and so that would be fair. What a fantastic idea!
We had a Hindu day in school. We enjoyed dressing up. Do you like my sari?

We have been getting ready for Christmas and the New Year by making our calendars. This is the start of many crafts this Christmas!!!

Mrs Willerton organised a Science Workshop for us.

 We went to the park again as a reward for getting our gold stars all week. We noticed that all the leaves have fallen off the trees. Each week we have noticed what colour they are. They have been green, yellow, orange and now brown! It's getting quite cold so we stay for a shorter amount of time. When we get back we like to chat to our friends around the table and enjoy a cup of warm hot chocolate. It's a lovely end to our very busy week.

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  1. this sounds like a very busy week, but you all look like you had lots of fun!