Friday, 16 November 2012

Week beginning Monday 12th November

At playtimes this week we have enjoyed sharing our books with some of the playground monitors and Y1's.

My friend had a nose bleed this week and I looked after him.

This week we have been pushing our sounds together to read. This is called blending.

Mr Casey our caretaker bought us a new sweeper because we wanted to keep our new carpet clean. We turn it upside down to see how it works.

Our local PCSO came to visit us this week.He talked to us about strangers and what we should do if we get lost if we go Christmas shopping.

He gave us all pencils and pens. Mrs Willerton found us some notebooks and we pretended to be policemen.

We all wanted to do writing!

 Wow! We got some new ride ons this week. It was quite tricky to unpack them, but we worked together and used the scissors carefully.
On Friday it was Children In Need day so we came to school in some of our clothes from home. We put some music on and took it in turns to do a fashion show. We took it in turns. Everybody clapped.
Next week something very exciting is happening...

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