Friday, 5 October 2012

Week beginning Monday 1st October

Week beginning Monday 1st October

 I have written the first letter of my name this week!
I've got my own special name book. I try my hardest and Mrs Willerton gives me lots of praise! I get my book out whenever I want. If I keep trying I will be able to write my whole name soon.
Developing our hand-eye coordination in PE.

If we get changed quickly then we help our friends who might be finding things a bit tricky.

We had a fantastic time playing with Mrs Skinner outside. We wanted to make a stage, so she helped us.
 "These are a rectangle shape."
We have been learning about the difference between rectangles and squares.
We have to make sure the stage is safe for people to walk on.
We have been recognising our numbers and Mrs Willerton made us some medals. We had to use a hole punch to make the holes and threading the ribbon was quite tricky but we got there in the end. We also had some whistles to start the race, there were only four so we had to take it turns. Some of us even made our own medals.....

Look at my medal! I made it all on my own! That means I'm independent!

After Mrs Skinner had shown us how to set it up we played for a long time on our own. Can you see the board at the back? We're recording how many we jumped over. Some of us now know how to write the number two correctly.

This was very tricky. I managed to get five out. I counted them carefully. Then Mrs Guy from the office came to play. She had just popped in to bring our register back when we invited her to play our game. This time it was a bit more tricky than the cubes! We had to concentrate hard to pick up the tiny peas. We set the timer up for her, she kept on trying!

This is how many peas I got out! We all shared the board.

Look at all my writing! I am a real writer, I've never done any before. Now I go home and Mummy says I do lots of doodles.
One of my friends brought this in from their walk to school. What could it be?
After we had made some medals Mrs Willerton showed us the difference between bronze, silver and gold. We're going to look at a trophy next week.
 Mrs Willerton let us carry on with our play. We made a boyband. Look at us playing guitars! After this we made some of our own guitars with boxes and elastic bands. Mrs Willertom played guitar music on the whiteboard and next week a teacher from big school is bringing his guitars in to show us. He might let us sing too. On Friday afternoon we looked at our day chart. Lots of us wanted to stay at school for days six and seven. We're so excited about next week.
Make sure you come back and see what we're doing next week!


  1. WOW! You have been learning such a lot in Reception Class! I am sure you will be writing your names in no time at all! Year 5 will keep checking on your blog to see if there are any photos of your writing in a few weeks time!
    Your medals look fantastic, too!
    You all worked so well to build the stage! You must have shared nicely and checked to make sure it was safe so nobody could tumble.
    Well done Reception Class!

  2. charlie really enjoyed the guitars ans now i have just read about the teacher from big school comming he is very excited abouth next week.
    Debra Dawson

  3. I'm really enjoying reading about what you've been doing. You are learning so much and you all look so happy! I'm very excited about the guitar players coming to school on Friday. I hope you are going to make a film about it. Maybe you could invite some of year 5 or 6 to film it for you?

  4. Thank you so much for inviting me to play your game - I think it was harder that working in the office! I always enjoy coming into your class, seeing what you are up to and stopping for a quick chat.