Tuesday, 2 October 2012

This week in Reception class....


So what have Reception class been learning this week?

We have been very busy with our buckets; sometimes they are empty but quite often they are full up! We have been learning to work together and share our toys. We put on our own boots and transported some of the water in buckets on one of our trucks.

Sometimes we get a bit dirty and we have to tidy up. We have been learning how to look after our own things.
At snack time we give out the magnets. Everybody gets one so that's fair. We sing our please and thank you song and then we use our kind manners to get our snack. We have been learning our colours and which was the most popular. We like to sort the colours into groups. If someone spills their milk we are learning to be kind by getting them a cloth to wipe it up.

So what's the difference between a liquid and a solid? Mix, mix, mix until the jelly sticks! Wow look how our flowers changed colour with the food colouring in it! Amazing!

The gloop went from being a solid to a liquid and then a solid again! Let's dip our spoons in and carefully fill the tub!

We have been making our own books because that is what we are  interested in. We know how to use a hole punch now. We only have two so we share them. My book stays together because of my tag!
Let's bake some cakes for the coffee morning....mmm smells yummy. We have to take turns.

We have enjoyed reading the story of Elmer. He has lots of different colours on him. We are all different! I know because we looked in the mirror! This is my mummy. Mrs Willerton did some rubbish painting then she showed us what features to put on. I've even remembered eyelashes! Then I drew a face shape on my own and did more painting. Mrs Skinner has put it up on the display for everyone to see. I'm so proud of it can't you see my big smile!


  1. What a fantastic week

    1. You have all been busy, didn't realise you could cram so much into a week!

  2. I wish I was in your class

  3. You have been so busy in Reception Class! It's so exciting you are sharing your learning with everyone!