Friday, 12 October 2012

Week beginning 8th October

Pheeeewww! What a busy week learning lots more new things!

This week we have got much better at listening!
 Look at my list! I did all my writing outside today.
Look at these potions. We have been reading 'Room on a Broom' this week. We came up with some fantastic rhyming words.
mix, fix, licks, sticks
bat, cat, rat, mat

We like to help each other when we struggle with our buttons. Mrs Willerton will help us, but only when we've had a try first.

We mixed Kippers birthday cake. It was disgusting!

This week we have introduced monitors for snack time. We come in from the playground quietly and listen to the music. We wash our hands and somone pretends to be Mrs Willerton. We are able to do snack time without any help.

 All the leaves are falling off the trees this week! That's because it's autumn. We enjoyed looking at information books about autumn in our reading area. We filled up the tuff spot with conkers, pine cones and crispy leaves. We did lots of counting and sorting.

This week we took home a reading book from the pink basket. Mrs Willerton told us a good story just by looking at the pictures. We've got some huge picture books and we love reading outside. All of us can tell a story from the pictures and we take different ones home every week.

Lots of the boys chose to write outside this week. We hold the paper steady with one hand. We enjoyed doing lots of tracing this week. 

Guess who I'm looking at...
Wow, some real guitar teachers came to visit us. We sang lots of songs and we even invited class 1 to join us. We were very gentle and touched a 'real' guitar. It was amazing.


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