Tuesday, 21 May 2013

What's been going on in May?

Rolling up tin foil using our writing hand turned into us setting up a football pitch. We had to think about what we needed to use to draw straight lines and how many straws we needed. Later in the game Mrs Willerton put some football music on the interactive whiteboard and we made some score cards.
We have been learning about our environment so we went on a trip to our local church. When we got back we made some beautiful stained glass window art. We've put them up in the main entrance for everyone to see.

We were so quiet that Mrs Willerton let us have an explore of the church. Look how old the church is! Its walls are crumbling!

We have noticed that we have a cherry blossom tree. Some of decided to collect it. Lets make some perfume! Mix, mix, mix!

We are getting quite good at climbing and using our initiative if we can't quite reach something!

We have been working as a team to make dens. Mrs Skinner ran out of ideas so we had to think for ourselves. It was very windy so we had to try lots of different ways to get it to stay up.

 One of our class has been awarded his white belt at kickboxing. Mrs Willerton likes us to talk about what we do when we aren't at school. He showed us how to do some moves, but we have to remember that we don't hurt anyone. Later on we made a stage for a show outside. We showed the rest of the class what to do. We listened carefully to each other!

We have noticed we have some weeds growing in our digging area. We have been learning about how they may have got there. We tried hard to dig the roots up else they will grow back again! 

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