Friday, 1 March 2013

Weeks beginning 11th and 25th February 2013

Digging together! We can get changed independently. That means we can do it on our own without any help.

Making our very own skylander costumes.

Something smells of coffee in here!

We made some pancakes and had some races. We kept a tally to check who came first the most times.

We have been interested in mazes. Look at our collection of gigantic pine cones. If we found a dead end we just had to keep trying to solve the problem!

Some of us know all our numbers to 20 now. We've been learning about two digit numbers. We play splat the number just before lunchtime everyday. This is our hundred square.

Working together to make chocolate milkshake (in the mud!) We need to add lots of water.

Making skylander biscuits for our cake shop on Friday.

Look at our fantastic new tents! It has been very sunny this week!










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